Alvarez BJJ Wins TXBJJF 1st Place Trophy!🔥🏆🔥

This past Sunday, February 9, 2020 Team Alvarez BJJ were back on the competition scene. They took a small portion of their team consisting of kids, teens and adults to compete at the Texas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation tournament in Duncanville, TX. They were definitely coming in with the mindset to win but they exceeded … Read more

AGF Podcast with Coach Danny & Danielle Alvarez

The AGF (American Grappling Federation) just came out with their podcast with Coach Danny and Danielle Alvarez this week! Check out this great interview on how they both got started in Jiu Jitsu and what it took to become some of the Best competitors in the World in their respective divisions. Huge thank you to … Read more


Happy Halloween from Alvarez Jiu Jitsu! Here’s our schedule for Today: 10:30AM-12PM – ADULT Jiu Jitsu6PM KIDS Jiu Jitsu – CANCELLED6:30PM-8PM – ADULT/TEEN Jiu Jitsu

Danielle Alvarez Takes Gold in Las Vegas! 2019 IBJJF Las Vegas Open Results

Danielle Alvarez fights her way back to the #1 spot on the medal podium! After recently taking Double Gold at the IBJJF Austin Open July 21st, Danielle then came up short with Double Silver the following weekend at the Orlando Open on July 28th. Danielle is a competitor at heart and can’t sit on a … Read more

Coach Alvarez Takes Silver in Las Vegas! 2019 IBJJF World Master Results

Coach Alvarez takes 2nd place in the Biggest Masters tournament in the World! This weekend in Las Vegas is the 2019 IBJJF World Masters tournament where the best competitors from all over the World come to battle it out for the #1 spot. Coach Alvarez grinded his way through a 30 man bracket by winning … Read more

Coach Alvarez Takes Gold in Seattle! IBJJF Seattle Open Results

This past weekend Coach Danny Alvarez had another successful weekend of competition by winning his 2nd consecutive IBJJF Seattle Open title! Coach Alvarez had a tough Finals match but was able to come out on top by a score of 9-0! This also gave Coach Alvarez his 7th consecutive Gold Medal of 2019! Congrats to … Read more

Coach Alvarez Takes Gold in Orlando! IBJJF Orlando Open Results

This past weekend, Coach Danny Alvarez put it all on the line once again. This time it was in Kissimmee, Florida at the IBJJF Orlando Open. Coach Alvarez had two tough matches against some very game opponents. Coach Alvarez won his Semi Final match by Brabo Choke Submission then won his Finals match a score … Read more

Got Injuries and Don’t Think You Can Train Jiu Jitsu? Watch this!

Hello, earlier today Coach Alvarez had a great interview with Mr. Joseph Hawthorne on how and why he trains Jiu Jitsu even though he’s had multiple injuries that required surgery. Most people are afraid to train Jiu Jitsu because they have had Back, Knee or Shoulder surgery. Mr. Joseph has had them all, plus some. … Read more

Why I Forced My Daughter to Train Jiu Jitsu!

Hello, this is Coach Alvarez. I wanted to share with you a story on Why I felt I had NO choice but to force my daughter to train Jiu Jitsu even when all of my family were totally against it. Click the video below to hear what happened.

Episode #15 Confident Kids of Alvarez BJJ Arlington TX

Hello, click the video link below to check out episode #15 with Mr. Jadon to see how Alvarez Jiu Jitsu is helping kids become more Confident, Build Self Esteem, Get In Better Shape, become Bully Proof, Improve their Grades, Become more Respectful, Eat Healthier, Become Leaders, Clean their Rooms and help with Chores. Come in … Read more