On March 5th and 6th Team Alvarez BJJ helps represent Nova Uniao at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in San Diego, CA.  Mr. Danny Alvarez along with his daughter Danielle Alvarez out of Alvarez BJJ academy in Arlington, TX travels along side Mr. Bruno Bastos to help battle against some of the best in the country. To start the weekend off on Saturday, Danielle Alvarez (only 16 yrs old and 128lbs) fights up in the Womens Blue Belt Divsion to beat two opponents by 7 points each to win 1st place and the Gold Medal. Later that afternoon, Ms. Danielle fights in the Open Class division 163lbs and under to win her first match by Bow and Arrow Choke to advance her to the semi finals. In the semi finals match she had a hard fought battle to the very end with Ms. Monique Alias (winner of last years Worlds at White Belt) losing by only 2pts. Ms. Danielle would end up taking 3rd place and the Bronze Medal. On Sunday, Mr. Danny Alvarez gets 1st place in his weight class of 143lbs and under, then decides to fight in the 163lb and under Open Class of the Purple/Brown and Black Belt division with the winner taking home $500. In his first match, Mr. Alvarez decides to go with a new game plan and work his takedowns to play on top instead of working from his guard. Within the first few seconds of the match Mr. Alvarez got his takedown and works hard to pass his opponents guard to get the 3 pts. He then takes his opponents back when his opponent goes to his knees to defend the pass and finishes with the Bow and Arrow Choke advancing him to the finals. In the finals, the game plan was the same, get the takedown, work to pass and get the back.  Mr. Alvarez’s opponent had a much harder guard to pass then his previous opponent but with Mr. Alvarez sticking to the game plan he was able force his opponent to his knees to avoid the pass to expose his back and finish with another Bow and Arrow Choke to win the Gold Medal and the $500! Mr. Alvarez also that day decided to hop in the Adult NO GI division advancing to the semi finals and losing a very tough match by 3pts taking home the Bronze Medal. Next up was Coach Bruno Bastos in the NO GI Open Class division beating his first opponent by points and advancing him to the finals match. In the finals, Mr. Bastos had to face great collegiate wrestler Mr. JJ Holmes. With Mr. Holmes having great takedowns, Mr. Bastos knew he had to pull guard to avoid the takedown and work his sweeps. With Mr. Bastos pulling half guard and Mr. Holmes defending, Mr. Bastos was able to get the sweep to come up on top and the 2 pts. Now with Mr. Holmes having to scramble to get back to his feet so he can work his takedowns, Mr. Bastos knew he had to circle and avoid the tough takedown attempts until the clock ran down to get the victory and the all expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi. It was a great weekend with a lot of high level competitors from all over and a great weekend for Team Nova Uniao and Team Alvarez BJJ.