May 31 – June 3rd was a very busy and great weekend for Team Alvarez BJJ. Team Alvarez had competitors fighting at the 2012 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships in Long Beach, CA and one of their main competitors, Danielle Alvarez graduationg from high school on the same weekend. Team Alvarez BJJ 2012 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships results were awesome. Team Alvarez BJJ was representing their international affiliation Team Nova Uniao and coach Professor Bruno Bastos. On such a big stage with so many great teams and competitors from all over the world traveling to the Mike and Arline Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA, Team Alvarez was able to bring home a Silver Medal and Bronze Medal out of their 7 competitors. On Thursday May 31st, Mr. Cooper Cardinale fought in the Blue Belt Middle weight division which was one of the biggest divisions of the tournament  with a 127 competitors. Mr. Cooper battled his way through 6 matches to make it to the finals ,winning some matches by points and a few by submission. Mr. Cooper made it all the way to the finals with only having 1 year under his Blue Belt. Mr. Cooper had a great match with his opponent from Soul Fighters but he came up short by losing the final match by 2 points on a sweep. Mr. Cooper was very happy and disappointed at the same time. He was very happy to know that his jiu jitsu was good enough to hang with the best in the world but disappointed at the same time because he knew that he was just a few points away from becoming a 2012 World Champion.  Team Alvarez also had competitors Jordan and Natalia Shepler and Ryne Sandhagen fight on Thursday. They all fought very hard and displayed a lot of technique and skill but came short and did not make it to the medal podium. We look forward to seeing them back out there next year. On Friday morning June 1st, after coaching part of the team, Mr. Alvarez, head instructor of the Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in the Arlington and Mansfield Texas area had to fly back to back home to watch his daughter and Team Alvarez Competitor, Danielle Alvarez walk across the stage to get her high school diploma from Summit High School. It was a great moment for Danielle Alvarez and her family but also came with a big disappointed because Danielle was not able to compete because her Blue Belt Feather Weight division was on the same day as her graduation. Danielle competed in 2 other countries this year along with winning IBJJF’s San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and Dallas Open this year just to help get her ready for the World Championships. Congratulations to Danielle for a great accomplishment of graduating with Honors from Summit High School and we look forward to seeing her back on the tournament scene soon. On Saturday June 2nd, was time for Team Alvarez Juveniles to put in work at the World Jiu Jitsu Championships. Unfortunately Mr. John Gloria was disqualified for being to young to fight in his division and Mr. Jay Gloria was disqualified for not making weight by just a few ounces. Both were very disappointed because of the hard work they put in. Next up was Mr. Justin Rebolloso, the 2012 Pan American Champion, fighting in the Blue Belt Rooster division where he beat his first opponent by an Advantage point to advance to the semi finals. In his semi final match Mr. Rebolloso lost to a very tough opponent from Team Lloyd Irvin to take home the Bronze Medal. Mr. Rebolloso was very disappointed as well because taking 3rd place was not the goal. On the bright side Mr. Rebolloso is only 15 years old and will have another shot at becoming World Champion in 2013! With Mr. Cooper taking the Silver Medal, Mr. Justin taking the Bronze Medal and Danielle Alvarez graduating with Honors from high school it was a great and exciting weekend to say the least. All the competitors look forward to getting back to the mats to get ready for the 2013 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships. Just 364 days away!