✨🏆✨Alvarez BJJ Girls Team Takes 1st Place! 2016 WBJJF Results

This past Saturday, June 25, 2016 was the WBJJF (Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) all Girls and Women’s tournament held in Fort Worth, TX. This was a charity event for the Rescue Her Foundation to help stop Human Trafficking. Alvarez Jiu Jitsu sent 17 girls and women to help support the cause and the tournament. … Read more

Did You Miss It!? Must Watch Video of Danielle Alvarez X Fabiana Borges 2014 WBJJF

If you weren’t there or haven’t heard the news, click the link below to watch an Epic battle between 2 of Texas’ Best Female Jiu Jitsu competitors as they go toe to toe in one of the best matches you will ever see with $500 up for grabs! Danielle Alvarez, Purple Belt, 20 years old, … Read more