Learn Jiu Jitsu! Don’t Get Choked Out Like Connor & Holly!

Learn Jiu Jitsu! At UFC 196 this past Saturday, Connor McGregor and Holly Holm both lost to Jiu Jitsu! McGregor and Holm both were submitted with the RNC – Rear Naked Choke! The stand up game is great but you Absolutely must Know how to Defend yourself on the Ground! In case you missed it, … Read more

Age is Nothing but a Number! Alvarez BJJ Arlington TX students show that BJJ is for Everyone

For those that think Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is just for the Young guys that they see on the UFC, they are Wrong! BJJ is for all ages and especially for those in their 30’s and 40’s. Just check out the video testimonial from one of the students at Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX that … Read more

UFC 167 Results: GSP Defeats Hendricks to Retain his Title

11/17/13, UFC 167 Results: GSP defeats Hendricks to retain his title on what some say was a very controversial judges decision. Most viewers seem to think that Hendricks won 3 out of the 5 rounds and that he did more than enough to take the title from GSP but after 5 hard fought rounds, the … Read more


Saturday October 20,2012, Team Alvarez Jiu Jitsu Arlington TX wins s7 Submission tournament in Dallas TX! It was a very long but very successful day for Team Alvarez BJJ out in Dallas, TX. Team Alvarez took a very strong team out to the S7 Submission Grappling  tournament put on by UFC’s Herb Dean and Josh Rosenthal. S7 is … Read more