Nick Vasquez Loses Over 90 lbs with Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX

Good morning everyone, we hope everyone’s Friday is off to a fantastic start! We just wanted to share a super inspiring and motivating story with you. Alvarez BJJ is more than just teaching Chokes and Arm Bars, we are here to help individuals improve their health through the path of Jiu Jitsu. Mr. Nick Vasquez … Read more

Want to Win $100 from Team Alvarez? First, You Have To Put in the Work!

It’s getting Hot in here! These ladies are Super Competitive! Our 2nd week of the Women’s Only Fit Camp is starting today! Check out some of these Awesome, Strong and Powerful Women Eating Healthier, getting Stronger and getting More Fit! The Fit Camp Champ at the End of the 6 week camp Earns $100! Today … Read more


To all Alvarez BJJ students trying to reach their goals, this is the Truth! Whether you are trying to win the 2011 Mundials, just trying to lose weight or reach any other goal don’t lose sight of this! “A COACH IS SOMEONE WHO TELLS YOU WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR, WHO HAS YOU SEE … Read more