LEAD BJJ Wins Dallas Open 🏆🏆- IBJJF Dallas Open Results

Team Alvarez BJJ helps LEAD BJJ win their 10th IBJJF Dallas Open! There’s not another higher level tournament in the World than the IBJJF tournament. Every year since 2010 that the IBJJF has made their way to Dallas, Team Alvarez BJJ has played a huge part in helping Team LEAD BJJ, previously the Bruno Bastos … Read more

2 Keys 🔑 🔑 To Success & Happiness😃

Hello, earlier Coach Danny Alvarez shared a few tips to help anyone achieve True success and happiness! Check out the video attached to hear how Jiu Jitsu plays a big part in that. 1) Take Care of Yourself First 🏆2) Help Others Around You 🏆🏆

Don’t Be Intimidated😰 We’re Here to Help You, Not Hurt You😅

Hello, earlier today we had a new student (Luis Ceron) join our program after trying his 2nd class. Coach Danny Alvarez heard he was intimidated to come in at first so he asked Mr. Luis if he could share his thoughts as to why along with what helped him make his decision to join so … Read more

Put Your Mask On First 😷

Hello, Coach Alvarez had a really good conversation with a student last night after Jiu Jitsu class about some students that have been missing from the mats. He made a vlog about Why it’s so important to take care of yourself First before you to take care anyone else. Click the video below to hear … Read more

4 Tips Coach Alvarez Uses To Prepare for Rainy Days ☔️😭

Hello, earlier today Coach Alvarez shared 4 very important tips he uses to help prepare him for when times get tough. These 4 tips have helped Coach Alvarez get through some really tough storms. Click on the video to check it out.

Condition Your Mind To Win! 🏆

Hello, earlier today Coach Alvarez shared a very important Winning Mindset Tip. It’s a great video on how to condition your mind to Win and Not Lose when things are not going your way. Click the video below to check it out.

Coach Alvarez Takes Gold in Rome! IBJJF Rome Open Results

Yesterday, Coach Danny Alvarez became a 2X IBJJF Rome Open Champion! He won 2 tough matches against 2 much respected opponents to take home the Gold. Shortly after Coach Alvarez also shared a very important video on NOT letting your Doubts and Fears stop you from chasing your Goals. Click the video below to check … Read more

Did You Win or Lose the 1st Quarter?🤔

Hello, today Coach Alvarez shared a very helpful video for anyone that might be struggling with getting their 2019 going in the Right direction. Click the video to hear how he can help you Win the 2nd Quarter of the year if your 2019 hasn’t been going as planned.


Hello, yesterday Coach Alvarez shared some of his daily Success Habits that he thought might help someone else get in the Win column everyday. It all starts with the Little things. Click the video below to hear how Coach Alvarez’s Small Victories add up to Big Victories. Details matter!

🍔🍟🍩🍪🍺🚬 Lead To Early ⚰️

Hello, yesterday Coach Alvarez shared a conversation he had with a student that told him how is friend recently passed away at 27 years old due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Click the video below to hear more about what happened along with some other similar stories of friends and family members … Read more