Have you gotten started on those New Year’s resolutions? If you are looking to get in shape, lose weight and be a part of  aTeam that will Help you reach your goals, then come and check out Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Arlington TX. Team Alvarez BJJ has a great team with a great family atmosphere where absolutely anybody can train no matter, the size, shape, weight or experience level.
Please read below a testimonial from one of our students, Mr. Eric Stedman and what he has to say about training at Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Arlington TX.
I’ve had some people ask me lately about the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes that I take, so I decided to send this out on Facebook.A year ago I joined Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in south Arlington with my buddy Anastacio Vargas. My goals were to lose/maintain weight, gain self confidence for work, and find a new hobby. I went in with little knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, I didn’t know what side control, guard, or half guard was. I was fresh.

Why I believe this gym is the best.
Now those of you that know me, know that I’m a bigger guy. The biggest fear that I had was going into the gym and not being able to do much physically. I was worried that everyone was going to be in mega shape while I was going to be running outside every 10 minutes to throw up. But the fact is there are all types of people at the gym. Some train a lot, some are more casual , some are in good shape others are not, everyone goes for a different reason, weight lose, self defense, hobbies ect.

Never once at this gym did I feel beneath anyone, belittled, or like I did not belong. Everyone encourages each other and helps each other to become better. The encouragement would give me the extra ump to go one more round.

My Experience.
At first I was extremely nervous, it was new to me and honestly out of my comfort zone. I remember the first classes were tough. Coach began with the basic like escaping guard or going from half guard to side control. I remember being frustrated because I wanted to know the cool moves, the moves everyone was doing to me. I remember during one of Coaches speeches he said something like, you have to learn these basics, focus on the details, and the rest of the stuff will come in time. It was true, I kept at it and focused.

The weird thing is, some days I would dread going to class but once class was over I was so glad that I went. Even the times I had off days and couldn’t do anything right, there is just something empowering about going out and pushing yourself. And nothing beats getting your butt handed to you all classes and finally pulling off some cool move that you been working on, especially on a higher ranked.

A year later, I still have a lot to learn and I still get my butt kicked regularly in class. But I have accomplished each of my goals that I had set out for the year. I have my new goals ready for the year and will be working hard to accomplish them.

For anyone reading this that may be on the fence about trying Jiu Jitsu try it out. 30 days free trial.

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