Set Goals Yet? Write Them Down Yet? Start Yet?

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We are 4 Days into the New Year! Set Goals Yet? Write them down? Start Yet? Can you See yourself Achieving your goals?

Most people will set goals but will never write them down and some will Never even set them to begin with. Goals that are Not written down and without Decisive Action are just Wishes and Dreams!

So that you are not Overwhelmed, start off with maybe one or two for Family, Business, Jiu Jitsu, Health or anything else that you might want to Improve in. Everyone has something or some area that can be Improved on. All it takes is a Vision, a Detailed Plan and Immediate Action! Without any of those, Goals will take a lot longer to achieve and maybe not at all because there is NO Road map or Blue Print on how you are going to get there. You can not just Say, you Must Act!

A great recommendation is to write your goals down on a piece of paper and post them on your Refrigerator and your Mirror in your Bathroom. These are the two most common places that you see throughout your day. You always see your mirror in the morning when you wake up and go to bed and you are always in and out of your refrigerator throughout the day. You can also post your goals around your work place or office.

The More you see your Goals in Front of you the More likely you will be able to Achieve them. If you write them down and then set them aside where you can Not see them on a regular basis, the more you will probably forget about them.

Another great recommendation is to put your self around Positive and Motivating people and get rid of the Negative and Lazy ones. Positive and Motivating Family and Friends will help you keep that Fire Burning inside of you to Achieve your Goals.  The Negative and Lazy ones will help steer you clear away from your goals or will keep pulling you down like Crabs in a Barrel! Every time you start to climb out of the position you are in, Negative Family and Friends will Pull you Back down!

So as Harsh as it might sound, some Family and Friends just have to go in order for you to move forward.  Clean up your Facebook and Twitter feeds and anything else where you SEE or HEAR Negative and Lazy comments and keep All the Positive and Motivating ones.

These are just a few helpful tips to help you Jump Start your Goals in the Right direction for 2014!

There are 3 Types of People in the World:

–       Those that Make things Happen!

–       Those that Watch things Happen

–       Those that Wonder what Happen

Get Motivated, Stay Focused and be the one that Make things Happen!

Until next time….Have a Great Start to your 2014 everyone!

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