Mr. Alvarez is now IBJJF NO GI Worlds Black Belt World Champion! On 11/5/11 Mr. Alvarez, head instructor at Alvarez BJJ Academy in Arlington, TX traveled to Long Beach, CA to compete on the Worlds biggest stage at the IBJJF’s NO GI Worlds Championships. Competitors from all of the world made their way to the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA in search for ultimate title to be called NO GI World Champion. After a long day of watching others form all over the country and around the world compete it was now 4pm and time for Mr. Alvarez to start warming and preparing his body and mind for battles yet to come. Mr. Alvarez having a bye his first round automatically advanced to the semi finals where he would meet up with Mr. Rudy Fischmann from Wander Braga affiliation in Los Angeles, CA. To start the match off Mr. Alvarez set the tone right away by scoring 2pts off an Arm Drag to a Double Leg Takedown. From there Mr. Alvarez never let off the gas pedal by applying tough pressure from the top and never letting his opponent get any offense going. After the time was up Mr. Alvarez scored 11 points to his opponents 0 and would get his hand raised to move on to the Finals. In the Finals match Mr. Alvarez new what to expect because he was in the position in March earlier this year at the Pan American tournament where he made it to the finals but came up short and lost on points and his chance at the Gold medal. Mr. Alvarez knew he had to come out on fire to set the tone again along everything had to be right with no mistakes. In the Finals Mr. Alvarez had Mr. Andrew Cargill from American Top Team out of Florida. In the beginning of the match it was a battle for takedowns. Mr. Alvarez wanted to get his opponent on his back first to expose some weaknesses that he saw in opponents previous match. Not able to get the takedown Mr. Alvarez pulled guard after a few minutes into the match to see if he could sweep his opponent to get his opponent on his back. Mr. Cargill kept grabbing Mr. Alvarez’s throat where he was warned a few times then was deducted one point by the referree after the third attempt to keep Mr. Alvarez from setting up his attack. After a few unsuccessful attempts at a sweep Mr. Alvarez worked his way back up to his feet to attempt more takedowns. After seeing his opponent was wearing down and his opponents cardio became suspect, Mr. Alvarez really applied the pressure with the takedowns where he would gain an Advantage point for near takedown. Now with time running out and his opponent down on points Mr. Cargill finally decided to pull Guard. With just a few seconds left on the clock Mr. Alvarez pressured his Double Under Pass and would pass his opponent’s guard just as time would run out. Estatic and in almost disbelief, Mr. Alvarez was full of joy as the referree raised Mr. Alvarez’s hand to acknowledge to the crowd that he was now a 2011 NO GI Black Belt World Champion. With all the years of training, injuries and the ups and downs that comes with chasing the goal of trying to be the best you can be and earning a title like World Champion, Mr. Alvarez knows it does not come with out sacrifice and all the help of his family, friends, coaches and his students at Alvarez BJJ academy in Arlington, TX. Congrats Mr. Alvarez on setting and accomplishing your goal of 2011 Black Belt NO GI World Champion!