Jessica and Courtney Dominate with Bow N Arrow Chokes & Arm Bars!

The Young Lady Warriors of Alvarez Jiu Jitsu in Arlington TX have been dominating the competition scene! Check out Ms. Jessica Crane (14 years old) and Ms. Courtney Long (14 years old) hit some of their Favorite Submissions over some very tough opponents!

Ms. Jessica Crane’s favorite submission is the Bow N Arrow Choke. Click on the videos below to see  how she applies the Bow N Arrow Choke on some tough opponents. Congrats to Ms. Jessica on all her Hard Work and Dedication.

jiu jitsu in arlington tx

Ms. Courtney Long’s favorite submission is the Arm Bar. Check out how she applies an Arm Bar on both opponents below. Congrats to Ms. Courtney on all her Hard Work and Dedication!

Jiu Jitsu in Arlington TX