IT’S TIIIIIME!!! Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever!!

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Good evening Team Alvarez, Family & Friends, tomorrow is the First Monday of 2016! I’m Super Excited for Monday as Alvarez BJJ is back to regular scheduled classes and I get to see All of my Young Warriors, Teens and Adults Back On the Mats!

If you were Waiting until January 4th to get Your GRIND started, then let’s GRIND!

Get a Jump on Monday by Setting those Alarm Clocks, Food Prepping, getting your Clothes picked out, getting to Bed Early and whatever else that you need to get Done, so you have a Super Great Start to your First Monday of 2016!

Don’t start your First Week of 2016 BEHIND!

Look forward to seeing All of You have Great SUCCESS On and Off the Mats in 2016! Wish you all a Great First Monday and Week of 2016! See you All On the Mats!