HAVE SEEN YOU THEM?? Students are Missing at Alvarez BJJ Arlington TX!!

bjj in arlington tx

It’s the 7th day of 2014 and there are students Missing on the Mats, there are students Missing their Workouts, there are students Not eating Healthy and students Not doing the other things that they KNOW they should be doing!

alvarez bjj in arlington tx

Some students have announced Publicly that they are going to Do this and they are going to Do that but yet there is NO ACTION!!!

GOALS that are NOT Written down and Without Decisive Action are just Dreams and Wishes!

The Positive and Motivating Students and Atmosphere at Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX can really Help you Reach and Achieve your Goals but ONLY if you SHOW UP!!! The Only way to achieve any goal is to SHOW UP!

You can Not Miss any Classes, You can Not Miss any Work Outs, You Can’t allow yourself to Cheat on your Healthy eating habits! You have to get up Every day and Do what you Know what you are supposed to do!

alvarez bjj in arlington tx


EXCUSES are never the reason for why you did or didn’t do something. They’re just a revision of the facts that you Make Up in order to help yourself feel better about what happened (or didn’t).

Get to the Mats, Get to your Workouts, Stick to Eating what’s Healthy and Best for you and Get All the other things Done that you Know you are supposed to Do!

alvarez bjj in arlington tx


Make it Happen with ACTION not WORDS in 2014! SEE YOU ON THE MATS! Osss