Coach Alvarez Ranked #1 in the World! IBJJF Ranking Results Are In!

This just in! The new IBJJF Rankings are in! Coach Danny Alvarez just reached the #1 ranked spot in the IBJJF Black Belt Master 3 division. Coach Alvarez is #1 out of 1155 Master 3 Black Belts that compete in IBJJF tournaments around the world.

An achievement like this requires a lot of work, effort and grind along with a lot of traveling around the world to compete. Congrats to Coach Alvarez for reaching another huge milestone in his Black Belt career.

You can see the rankings here:

*Please note that the rankings could change after every IBJJF tournament

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Here more of Coach Alvarez’s major accomplishments:

#1 Ranked IBJJF Master 3 Black Belt
3X IBJJF Black Belt Master World Champion
4X IBJJF Black Belt Master NO GI World Champ
4X IBJJF American Nationals Champion
IBJJF Brazilian Nationals Champion
IBJJF European Open Champion
IBJJF Asian Open Champion,
4X Texas Black Belt Competitor of the Year
4X Texas Coach of the Year