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The Battle 4 the Ages GI & Submission only tournament for kids 8-17 years olds was electric! The tournament was an Invite Only with the some of the Best Kids coming from all over the country and the World.  All the excitement happened inside a small conference room at the Worship Community Center in Hurst, TX.

 The tournament started at 8am with one single age group competing every hour. Some age brackets had anywhere from 6-8 kids in each division with No weight limit. Some of the young warriors were out weighed by as much as 40 pounds. The 8 year olds kicked the tournament off first at 8am, the 9 year olds at 9am, 10 year olds at 10am until the tournament finished up with 17 years olds later in the evening.

The Alvarez BJJ Kids Army came out in full force and were Honored with 8 Invites. Here are the 8 Alvarez Kids & Teens Army competitors and their results:

– Mr. Joe Robledo, 9 years old, fought hard and great but came up short in the 1st round.

– Mr. Ethan Helton, 10 years old, won his 1st match by Kimura then came up short in overtime by points in his 2nd match.

– Ms. Jessica Crane, 12 years old, won her 1st match in overtime by Ref’s decision then came up short in the 2nd round by submission.

– Mr. Cooper Henry, 12 years old, fought hard 1st match and gave it his all but it just wasn’t enough against his opponent that outweighed him by about 20 pounds or so.

– Mr. Parker Richardson, 13 years old,  had a hard fought battle where  he won his 1st match by Arm Bar then came up short against an opponent that was about 30-40 pounds heavier.

– Mr. Lee Crosley, 14 years old, had a great 1st round match where he won by Straight Arm Lock but then lost a hard fought battle in the 2nd round against another good opponent.

– Mr. John Gloria, 15 years old, had a great and super exciting match that went into overtime but his opponent was able to attempt a few Arm Bars that gave his opponent the victory.

– Mr. Brian Murray, 15 years old, was the last Team Alvarez competitor left for the day. Mr. Murray had great match in the 1st round where he ended up finishing his opponent with a One Arm Kimura. He then advanced to the finals where he came up short against a really tough opponent.

Everyone fought hard and left it all on the mats. Congrats to all the Team Alvarez competitors on all of their great performances.

Check out some of the Team Alvarez victories below:

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