BLACK BELT PROMOTION! Very First Black Belt at Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX

brazilian jiu jitsu in arlington tx

September 15, 2014, This past Monday was a very epic day for Team Alvarez BJJ. After just winning the IBJJF Dallas Open for the 4th consecutive year, Professor Danny Alvarez promotes his very first BJJ Black Belt along with many other well deserved promotions.

brazilian jiu jitsu in arlington tx

With already having a few years of experience, Mr. Angel Vargas was a pretty tough student when he started with Professor Danny Alvarez back in 2008. Now after 6 years of being under Professor Alvarez and training with him day after day, Mr. Vargas achieved the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

So many students have come and gone due to a number of different reasons. Most of the time it is because students Allowed Life to happened to them. So many students made Excuses as to Why they should Quit and Give Up when times got Tough. It was Mr. Angel Vargas that stuck it out through all his bad times and didn’t allow himself to fall victim to circumstance.

Professor Alvarez couldn’t ask for a better person to be his first Black Belt. It’s Mr. Vargas’s awesome Character and Positive Attitude that makes him such a great person.  Mr. Vargas never whines or moans about training or what was happening in his life. He just steps on the mat and gets to work. Mr. Vargas has always been a Humble student that never allowed his ego to get the best of him and has always encouraged and helped build his teammates up when things weren’t going right for them.

Congrats again to Mr. Vargas on achieving what so many have given up on.

Check out this awesome promotion for Mr. Vargas and Professor Alvarez.