Alvarez’s Take Gold in Tokyo, Japan!🇯🇵 2016 IBJJF Asian Open Results

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This weekend, September 10 & 11, 2016  was the long awaited 2016 IBJJF Asian Open held inside the Tokyo Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. Competitors from all over the World came to battle it to see who would become a 2016 Asian Open Champion. Once again Professor Danny Alvarez and his daughter Danielle Alvarez were in attendance to test themselves.

Professor Alvarez came up short in two previous attempts as he took Silver in 2013 and Bronze in 2014. 2016 proved to be different this time around as Professor Alvarez won his Semi Final match 2-0 against Edison Kagohara from Over Limit BJJ and then won his Finals match 7-0 against Kensuke Nogawa from Paraestra to take home the Gold and the 2016 IBJJF Asian Open Title!

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Danielle Alvarez took home the Gold in 2013 & 2014 and look to do it again in 2016. Danielle won her Semi Final match 16-2 against Laura Hondorp from Gracie Barra and won her Finals match 10-2 against Yuke Kaneko from Paraestra to take home the Gold and become a 3X IBJJF Asian Open Champion!

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Congrats to Professor Alvarez and Danielle Alvarez on another successful weekend and showing once again that they are some of the best competitors in the World.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government opened Tokyo Budo-kan in February 1990 to serve as a martial arts palace that would continue the time-honored Japanese tradition of martial arts, and help to better spread and expand it into the future. Based on the idea that “martial arts are art”, the Tokyo Budo-kan’s facade is built out of cascading diamond shapes, a design which evokes fixtures of Japan’s natural environment: clouds, ocean, mountains, and people. Each dojo, martial arts training hall, within the building is rich in detailed artfulness, making the facility an appropriate fixture for an international metropolis like Tokyo.

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