Alvarez BJJ Pan Ams 2011 results day-3 was time for Mr. Alvarez (Head Instructor and 1st Degree Black Belt of Alvarez BJJ) to compete. On the early morning of Saturday March 26th 2011, was the first day for Black Belts to step on the mat. Mr. Alvarez was still cutting weight to Pluma (141lbs and under with GI on) and time was running out. If athletes don’t make weight by the time their name is called, they are disqualified from the tournament.  With having to cut to a low calorie diet and running 6 miles a day every day up until the night before his day to compete, Mr. Alvarez was still 3lbs over the morning of and had to run another 3 miles and jump rope for another 15-20 minutes to make weight as the announcer gave him his 3rd and final call to check in. Now with barely any food and dehyrdrated from the weight cut, Mr. Alvarez was up first in his bracket against a team member from Alliance. As soon as the match began his opponent pulled guard to attack his sweeps with Mr. Alvarez looking to get his grips and pass.  With his opponent having such a good De la Riva guard it took Mr. Alvarez awhile to figure out his opening to be able to pressure the pass and make his opponent give up his back in order to defend the guard pass. Mr. Alvarez quickly latched on tight to his opponents back with the seat belt grip and was able to submit his opponent with his favorite Bow and Arrow Choke. Now in the semi finals, Mr. Alvarez had his next opponent from American Top Team (Bruno Bastos) that he beat once already a few months earlier in Miami, FL. Mr. Alvarez decided to change his game up and pull guard to play off the bottom and attack from his De la Riva guard. After fighting for grips and positioning Mr. Alvarez was able to get the position he wanted and sweep his opponent and get the 2 points. After missing his opportunity to pass, his opponent was able to scramble back up to his feet. Mr. Alvarez then pulled guard again going straight into his Deep 1/2 guard game looking to sweep his opponent again. After realizing that his opponent had such a good base, Mr. Alvarez knew he had to hold onto the position and let the clock run down to get the victory.  Now in the Finals of 2011 Pan Ams, Mr. Alvarez was looking to take home the Gold but his opponent Luiz de Silva Junior out of Team De la Riva had other plans. After shaking hands and the match began de Silva Junior pulled guard and began to set up his de La Riva game. With Mr. Alvarez being in this type of guard position many times before he thought he would be able to shut opponents game down. This time his opponent had a different set up that took Mr. Alvarez by surprise and was able to elevate him to sweep him over to get the 2 points. Now on the bottom and fighting to not let de Silva Junior settle in on the position Mr. Alvarez scramble back to his feet where they would end up in the same position where Mr. Alvarez would get swept with the same sweep. Back on the bottom again fighting to not let having his oppponent have a solid position Mr. Alvarez fought hard again to get back up.  Now down 4 points and time running out Mr. Alvarez knew he had to go for broke and try a submission. After finally get his left hand free from his opponent Mr. Alvarez went into a Rolling Toe Hold on da Silva Junior’s left foot and began to crank on it as he heard the tendons in his opponents foot began to rip and pop. With his opponent knowing there was just seconds left on the clock his opponent decided to bare the pain and not tap out and get the victory. After the whistle blew and both men were getting back up Mr. Alvarez knew he blew his chance by a few seconds to become 2011 Pan Ams Champion. After it was all said and done, after all the weight cutting and hard training sessions and stress of his students competing also, Mr. Alvarez was very proud and happy to be one of the few competitors to make it up on the medal podium in the biggest jiu jitsu tournament in history with the Silver Medal.