Alvarez BJJ Pan Ams 2011 results day-2 was another great for the Team Alvarez BJJ in Irvine, CA. Day 2 was time for the ladies to compete. Ms. Yasmin Soto fighting in her first ever Pan Ams tournament and Ms. Danielle Alvarez (17 yrs old) fighting in her 2nd Pan Ams tournament but this time in the Adult division. In Ms. Yasmin’s first match was able to get her grips from standing to pull open guard and immediately started to attack her sweeps. Finally getting the position that she wanted she swept her opponent to come up on top to get her 2 pts and began to pass her opponent’s guard. With her opponent resisting as best she could to stop Ms. Yasmin from passing, Ms. Yasmin controlled her opponents pant legs and came around for the guard pass to add 3 more pts to the score. The match would end up with Ms. Yasmin controlling the top position and getting the victory. In her 2nd match, Ms. Yasmin had a tough battle with her opponent and started off being down 3pts in the beginning of the match but then would come back and score 2 pts of her own to be down only 1 pt. With time running out and being stuck in the Deep 1/2 Guard, Ms. Yasmin knew all she had to do is get her foot out to get the pass and win but her opponent held on tight until the clock ran down and got the victory. Even though Ms. Yasmin lost the match she came away with a very proud 3rd place Bronze medal in her first ever Pan Ams tournament. Next up was 17 yr old Danielle Alvarez fighting up this year in the Adult bracket with 22 other women chasing that precious gold medal. With Ms. Danielle receiving a bye in the first round she automatically advanced to the second round to have a match with a tough brazilian opponent. Ms. Danielle would immediately get her grips to get right to her De la Riva game. After working for her sweep she finally swept her opponent to come up on top and get her 2 pts. She worked hard to pass her opponents guard and eventually got her opponents back and her favorite Bow and Arrow submission to advance her to the quarter finals. In the quarter final match Ms. Danielle immediately worked her Spider Guard game to attack the triangle/omoplata on her opponent but with her opponent having great omoplata defense Ms. Danielle went to the triangle where she eventually swept her opponent over to get 2pts. With her opponent defending the triangle very well, they would go back and forth from top to bottom with Danielle scoring 2 more pts to hold on for the victory advancing her to the semi finals. In the semi finals Ms. Danielle would face one of her toughest opponents yet. Her opponent fighting out of Colorado BJJ and training at the Olympic Training Center for Judo, she would give Danielle all she could handle. Ms. Danielle would pull guard right away to work her open guard game and try to sweep but her opponents had an excellence base and eventually work to pass Danielle’s guard to get the 3 pts. Ms. Danielle would recover her guard and eventually scramble back up to her feet but would get taken down with a nice throw by her opponent. Danielle would do her best to regain her position and try to submit her opponent because time was running out and she knew she was down on points but could not do so losing the match on points. With Danielle’s dream of becoming Pan Ams Champion at 17 yrs old being shattered after all the blood, sweat and tears on the mat, she knew she gave a valiant effort and was proud to have the Bronze Medal put around her neck on the medal podium. It was a great day and learning experience for both Yasmin and Danielle and even though they did not accomplish their goal of becoming Pan Ams Champion they know they are on the right track and will get back to work to get ready for the Worlds Championship in June. Congrats ladies on one heck of a performance in the biggest tournament to date.