Alvarez BJJ Pan Am 2011 results day-1 turned out to be a good day! On the first day of the Pan Ams March 24th 2011, Mr. Cooper Cardinale and Mr. Ryne Sandhagen stepped into the Bren Center in Irvine, CA and battle like true warriors. First up in the Blue Belt Super Heavy division was Mr. Sandhagen getting a Bye in the first round and automatically advancing him into quarter finals. In the next round Mr. Sandhagen was able to pull out a victory when down on points and advance to the semi finals. In the semi finals Mr. Sandhagen had a hard fought battle where he was attacking sweeps and submissions but could not finish them to only get the one advantage.  With his opponent being up two advantages for near passes time ran out and Mr. Sandhagen had to settle for a very good 3rd place in a 15 man bracket. Next up was Mr. Cooper Cardinale in the White Belt Middle Heavy division with a 32 man bracket.  In his first match, Mr. Cardinale was able to get his Hook Flip Sweep and the guard pass to get 5-0 victory. In his second match, Mr. Cardinale had a tough competitor and match that was decided by referree’s decision because of Mr. Cardinale’s near sweeps and an arm bar attempt. Next was his third match against another game opponent that already beat two opponents also. With Mr. Cardinale being down on points in the beginning of the match was able to pull together a sweep, guard pass and a back take to win his third match and advance him to the semi finals. In the semi finals Mr. Cardinale seemed to be a little exhausted from his previous three fights and allowed his opponent to pass and get the 3 points where he hung on for the victory. Mr. Cardinale earned a hard fought and very proud 3rd place medal to take back home with him. Congrats to both competitors from Team Alvarez BJJ for being able to display their skills and techniques on such a big stage and win.