The  2012 Team Alvarez Jiu Jitsu NAGA Dallas results are in! Team Alvarez Kids & Teens Team are now 7 X in a row NAGA Team Champions! Team Alvarez Kids & Teens Team scored their most points ever with 5,410 points to give them 1st place out of 115 teams.  Just the week before Team Alvarez Kids helped their affiliate team Nova Uniao take the 1st place IBJJF Dallas Open Team Trophy. This a great example of how hard working individuals working together not just 1 or 2 talented kids wins championships.

Here is a recap of that great weekend and some of the new and stand out students of the day. Saturday and Sunday May 12th & 13th was the first weekend that NAGA came to the DFW area in 2012. Team Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out of the Arlington & Mansfield TX area had a great team with a lot of the veteran competitors along with a lot of the great new additions that recently joined the team. Team Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2012 NAGA Dallas results were just outstanding as just about all of the Team Alvarez competitors brought home medals, swords and championship belts. Saturday May 12th was the day for all of the adults and teens 14 years old and up to compete.  Mr. Blake Wright, taking home the Bronze Medal was the only teenager to represent Team Alvarez on Saturday. On Mother’s Day Sunday the 13th, was time for all of the Team Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 13 years and under to take to the mats and display their skills. Team Alvarez had one of the biggest teams in the tournament looking to try and give it their best shot to become 7 X NAGA team champions. So many of the Team Alvarez Kids team took 1st place in both GI and NO GI divisions. A lot of the great new additions to the team with just a few months experience took home medals and swords. Mr. Luke Garcia, Kyle Morfin, Kate Renner, Carly Bolding, Raymond and Ariel just to name a few all took home 1st place awards. A lot of the veteran and expert division kids like Parker Richardson, Eric Two Lance, Jaden Two Lance, Taylor Parks, John Gloria, Lee Crosley, Cierra Shen, Kiana Shen, Ethan Martinez, Irving Gonzales and many more all took 1st place to take home a championship belt or samurai sword. It was a fun and amazing day with a lot of smiles and happy faces. Team Alvarez Kids team have been working hard for months and were well prepared and showed it. Congrats to all team Alvarez competitors for displaying such awesome skills, technique, heart and sportsmanship like always.

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