On the last weekend of Febuary 2011 Team Alvarez BJJ took a fairly small amount of competitors to the first NAGA tournament of the year. First up was the Adult Team on Saturday the 26th.  Most of the competitors were Blue Belts this time with only a couple of White Belts. The majority of Blue Belts took 1st place in their NO GI and GI divisions and the rest of them all placing and bringing home 2nd and 3rd place medals. The stand out of the day was White Belt Mr. Cooper Cardinale. Althought he came into the tournament feeling a little under the weather and having two big brackets in front of him in GI and NO GI, he still went out there and fought with pure heart to close out both brackets taking Gold Medals in both divisions.  Then on Sunday the 27th came the Little Samurai’s ranging from 4yrs old to 16yrs old.  These little warriors stepped on the mat with a mission of pure dominance in mind. They have been 3 time Team Champions at NAGA  and were determined to keep their crown and make it a 4th title. This was the first time that Team Alvarez had every single competitor place and bring home medals. In the Expert Divisions, Team Alvarez had 9 competitors and all 9 brought home Championship Belts. Expert divisions winners were Jaden, Eric, Taylor, Parker, Max, Marco, Craig, Tristan and Danielle. It was two long days of competitors giving it their all like they always do with family members cheering on the sidelines and bleachers. With the family and  team support that they have and competitors training hard week in and week out, 2011 looks really bright for Team Alvarez.