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Happy Friday!! Just wanted to get this out to you if you are one of those individuals that Can’t seem to find Time to get Healthier. This video is well worth the time to watch. Don’t Wait until 2019 to take better care of yourself!

Mr. Dorsey works 2 jobs with shifts that are 10-12 hours a day. He has lost 70 POUNDS, eats Healthier and is living a much better lifestyle. If he can Find Time, then you Can too!

If Jiu Jitsu isn’t your thing no worries, just get some type of exercise in 2-3 times a week, get rid of the fast and processed foods. You will feel better, be more productive and will inspire those around you to be better too!

Here’s the interview I did with Mr. Dorsey a year ago where he lost 30 Pounds and got off his Diabetic medication.  Get active, be better and do better! If you’re are looking a team of individuals that will help keep you accountable, Alvarez BJJ is the place to be!  Have a great day and weekend!