MAKING EXCUSES?? Think You’re Too Busy to Train at Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX?? - December 12, 2013

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December 11, 2013, Making Excuses?? Think your too busy to train BJJ in Arlington TX?? Now a days, Everyone has such a busy and hectic family, work or school schedule that it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Even with a super busy lifestyle, everyone should manage and find the time to Stay in Shape and Improve their Health.  At Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Arlington TX, we are Open 7 Days a Week, with Morning and Night classes. With so many classes available, it is pretty hard not to find a time slot to come in and train at least 1 day a week to Learn a Great Self Defense and Improve your Health.

alvarez bjj arlington tx

Most individuals don’t think that training 1 day a week is beneficial or worth their time because they don’t think they can keep up and progress. In reality, 1 day a week is Better than NO times a week! With a least 1 day a week, even though, growing slower than most, you will be a lot like the Stalagmites that build up over time. You might not grow as fast as you would like but you are still Growing and Building instead of Nothing at all.

Check out Mr. Bob Moya that has a Wife, 3 Kids, a Job, got his Masters Degree and still found time to come in and train. The Days, Weeks, Months and Years are going to pass, so why not Get in Shape, Improve your Health and get your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                                                           Black Belt at the Same time?

Check out Mr. Bob Moya that Started at 40 Years Young and is Now still training at 46 Years Young!

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