Thursday September 27-Sunday September 30 2012, was an amazing weekend with Pioneer BJJ and Alvarez Jiu Jitsu Arlington TX! Team Pioneer Jiu Jitsu Academy inside Delta College in the Saginaw MI area brought in Mr. Danny Alvarez, head instructor of Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX, to conduct a GI seminar and help coach at the Michigan Open Jiu Jitsu tournament. Mr. Alvarez taught some of the latest and most innovative De la Riva Guard Sweeps and De la Riva Guard Passes to Team Pioneer Thursday evening and then handed out Stripe and Belt promotions to the entire team. Most students received anywhere from 1 to 3 Stripes on their White and Blue Belts depending on how long they have been training and their consistency on the mat. The biggest promotions of the evening went out to Mr. R.J Heinlein and Mr. Andrew Senor that were promoted to Blue Belt and Mr. Mike Yelsik being promoted to long over due Purple Belt.  Due to the lack of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts in the area, most of the students of Team Pioneer are a little behind on their rank and level of technique.  The time and consistency on the mat are there for Team Pioneer but students obviously can not just rank themselves. According to the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) students must have a Black Belt or higher rank them in order for it to be official.

With Mr. Alvarez being born, raised and starting his Jiu Jitsu journey in Saginaw, MI and now an IBJJF 1st Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Mr. Bruno Bastos and Team Nova Uniao, Mr. Alvarez came back to his home town to help and promote Team Pioneer. Mr. Alvarez relocated to Arlington TX more than 10 years ago to chase his Jiu Jitsu dream of becoming an IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. After training 4-6 times a week along with competing at the highest level of competition for more than 6 years, Mr. Alvarez achieved his goal of becoming Black Belt. Mr. Alvarez then opened his own Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in 2008. Mr. Alvarez is now in a position after all his years of hard work and dedication to help and promote others. Mr. Alvarez was very honored, humble and proud to be able to give back to his home town of Saginaw, MI and help those students that are now in his shoes when he was looking to improve his Jiu Jitsu game more than 10 years ago due to the lack of high level instruction in the Tri City MI area.

Friday morning September 28, 2012, Mr. Alvarez put together a FREE work shop for all the Team Pioneer competitors to help give them the edge and the do’s and don’ts on competition. Mr. Alvarez spent close to 3 hours teaching, training and grappling with the students of Team Pioneer, giving them tons of small details that make a huge difference in competition. Later that Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Casey Cornelius and Team Pioneer, invited Mr. Alvarez over for a Team dinner that lasted about 2 hours or so with great conversations and laughter to help get to know each other better. After dinner Mr. Alvarez and few other members of Team Pioneer loaded up their car to head down to Waterford, MI because Mr. Carl Rabideau, head instructor of Team Pioneer, had to compete at the Michigan Open the next morning.

Saturday September 29,2012, was time for Mr. Rabideau to compete in the Blue Belt Middle Weight division. Mr. Rabideau started his first match off great going up 7-2 on the score board but later in the round got caught in a Triangle Choke that ended the match. Being that most tournaments are single elimination, Mr. Alvarez thought Mr. Rabideau’s run for the title was over. He was then told that the Michigan Open was double elimination, this was exciting because Mr. Alvarez knew it gave Mr. Rabideau had a second chance to get back out there and show what he could really do and that is exactly what he did. Mr. Rabideau had to battle his way back to through the division as he fought 5 more times and finished all his 5 matches by submission to end day 5 for 6. Mr. Rabideau finished the day with 1 Guillotine, 1 Chicken Wing and 3 Kimura finishes that gave him an awesome 3rd place finish. Mr. Rabideau earned so much respect from his teammates and instructor as he showed great leadership by over coming adversity and going back out onto the mat giving it another try when he could of simply got down on himself and gave up. Mr. Rabideau represented himself, his team and instructor very well as he stayed humble in every victory. Big congratulations to you Mr. Rabideau on a great comeback and a job well done.

Sunday September 30, 2012, Mr. Alvarez put together another FREE workshop to help fix some of the mistakes that he saw from the Michigan Open to help correct those problem areas since they were still fresh in everyone’s mind. After teaching and drilling the problem areas from the tournament Mr. Alvarez surprised Mr. Rabideau with his long over due Purple Belt promotion. It was a special moment for Mr. Rabideau, Mr. Alvarez and the whole Team Pioneer family. Everyone was excited and happy for Mr. Rabideau as they should be and especially because they all know how much time, effort, dedication and work Mr. Rabideau has put in to achieve this goal.  It was another great day on the mats with Team Pioneer that made the trip and weekend end on a super awesome note.

Mr. Alvarez’s goal in life is to use Jiu Jitsu as an engine to empower anyone’s life that he comes in contact with better. Mr. Alvarez knows and appreciates what Jiu Jitsu has done for his life and family. He vowed to use his Jiu Jitsu and his Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy do the same for anyone else that trains with him. Mr. Alvarez left a very important message with Team Pioneer before he left Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Alvarez made it clear to Team Pioneer that if they treat each other and everyone with Respect, help as many new students as possible get better and keep themselves around Like Minded, Positive people, there is no limit to how good and far their Pioneer Jiu Jitsu academy can go. Mr. Alvarez told Team Pioneer to “Think, Be, Act and Do Better than Average and they will get and become better than Average”.

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